What We Do

What we do is share Jesus through our boards, boats, and time on the water or at the park. We take the living water to the water.

How We Do It

We have many avenues we use to share the gospel. Below are are a few of the main ways..


Camps run all summer and this is where we spend all day in the boat with campers ages 6-18 and teach them to ride, work on their tricks in a positive encouraging atmosphere where we have fun. Surrounding them with a Christian influence and building relationships with them. Leading them to an opportunity to ask about Christ.


We put on premier wakeboard events throughout the summer that attract hundreds of people to come to the lake, compete with fellow riders in the area and fellowship on the shores of the lake around a common interest. Wakeboarding. Providing a positive, fun and friendly atmosphere that is cool. Using that platform to share the good news of Jesus with them.